job description

Assistant Cook

Assistant Cook

Main Responsibilities:

  • Keep superior informed about all unusual matters concerning any plans affecting his/her area
  • Knowledgeable and compliant to Rules and Regulations prevailing in the Establishment
  • Ensure guests satisfaction during services
  • Ensure the quality of food produced and served to guests are as per set standard
  • Participate in Eco Standard/Sustainable Responsibility set by the hotel
  • Minimise wastage and breakage
  • Comply with Quality Management System and S&H regulations and policies
  • Receive and examine work programmes from superior
  • Collect ordered food items from store
  • Prepare “mise-en-place” of all foodstuffs as appropriate
  • Start cooking by executing processes (fiches techniques) according to specificity of meal/pastry
  • Keep workplace tidy
  • Check and control the proper storage of products, especially those freshly produced, checking on portion control, so as to maintain product quality and quantity
  • Respect and apply SOPs
  • Ensure compliance to all safety standards
  • Respect procedures for food handling purposes

Candidate’s Profile:

  • Basic theoretical knowledge (Form III)
  • No prior experience required
  • Understand both English and French