job description

Housekeeping Attendant

Housekeeping Attendant

Main Responsibilities:

  • Report technical defects and have the necessary repairs done
  • Attend to guests special requests
  • Ensure towels (where applicable) are always fresh, clean, neatly folded and displayed
  • Vacuum, dust and remove rubbish from Administrative Offices / Rooms and all public areas, tidy and polish where applicable
  • Clean and replenish supplies in changing rooms and toilet and dormitories throughout the day
  • Clean all designated areas
  • Respect guest intimacy – ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign
  • Participate in Eco Standard/Sustainable Responsibility set by the hotel
  • Immediately report any lost and damaged property
  • Ensure efficient use of materials, equipments and chemicals to minimise wastage
  • Respect dosage of chemicals as per Technical Data Sheets
  • Hand-over information/issues to Superior/Supervisor at the end of shift
  • Follow strictly the procedure pertaining to section key
  • Clean room and ensure that all amenities are replenished and neatly displayed
  • Take precautions and arrange guests belongings accordingly
  • Respect and adhere to deep cleaning schedule as per set calendar
  • Report to supervisor for Lost & Found items whether in rooms or Public Areas
  • Ensure that daily cleaning is processed as per check list and frequency is respected
  • Ensure that all cleaning materials and equipment are well maintained and arranged accordingly
  • Deliver messages/invitations in rooms accordingly

Candidate’s Profile:

  • Theoretical knowledge (Form III) and/or prior professional experience
  • At least 1 year experience in hotels or resorts
  • Speak English and French