job description

Sous Chef

Sous Chef

Main Responsibilities:

  • Keep superior informed about all unusual matters concerning any plans affecting his/her area
  • Knowledgeable and compliant to Rules and Regulations prevailing in the Establishment
  • Ensure that discipline prevails within the team and communicates any disciplinary issues to Superior / HR Manager
  • Play an active role in the team and ensure smooth and satisfactory hand-over between shifts
  • Assist in the building of an efficient team by taking interest in their welfare, safety and development
  • Participate in Eco Standard/Sustainable Responsibility set by the hotel
  • Ensure that orders have been prepared as per set standards and delivered accordingly
  • Ensure that daily requisitions and direct orders are being made according to the number of guest
  • Participate actively in food cost controlling processes
  • Assist superior to plan and organise respective section activities
  • Supervise and coordinate overall section’s activities to ensure effective “mise-en-place”
  • Supervise and participate in all stages of preparation
  • Control quality and visual presentation of meal by tasting and verifying texture and consistency
  • Instruct cooks to prepare food according to “fiche technique”
  • Ensure the process of closing kitchen (gas, water, electricity, air con, cold room…)
  • Check quality and expiry date of ordered food items from store and direct deliveries
  • Check and controls the proper storage of products, especially those freshly produced, checking on portion control, so as to maintain product quality and quantity
  • Ensure that SOPs are being followed
  • Ensure compliance to all safety standards
  • Respect procedures for food handling purposes
  • Participate in presentation & decoration of buffet

Candidate’s Profile:

  • SC level (secondary level – NC 3/NC 4 or equivalent) or equivalent, professional training and experience
  • 5 Years experience in hotels as CDP
  • Computer literacy will be an advantage
  • Fluent in English and French both written and spoken