job description

Welcoming Concierge (to be posted at the Main Gate)

Welcoming Concierge (to be posted at the Main Gate)

Main Responsibilities:

  • Give direction to visitors/guests regarding parking
  • Give relevant and up-to-date information to guest
  • Collect Guests comments regarding bus/taxi schedule
  • Fill in guests/visitors/suppliers log book
  • Ensure that guest expectations have been met and guest have had a memorable experience
  • Welcoming of Guest by our Salutation and with a smile
  • Greet guest by their name for Arrivals / Departures
  • Announce to Reception for the forthcoming Arrivals
  • Control all incoming and outgoing vehicles
  • Monitor all details in Log book
  • Manage external Guest by following Visitors Key Process
  • Advise direct reporting line for any unusual matter
  • Know emergency procedure, such as for fire, accidents, breakdown, alerts
  • Know the characteristics of the hotel, the name, positions and responsibilities of each Head of department and each section head, extension telephone numbers and the use and location of equipment
  • Take regular part in meetings and shift handovers

Candidate’s Profile:

  • SC level or equivalent, professional training and experience
  • Fluent both in English and French is a must, a third language would be an advantage